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How old is your home’s roof? If it’s been at least 15 years since it was installed, it’s time to start thinking about your next one. And when you decide to officially begin your roof replacement project, trust Peak Performance Roofing & Construction for top-notch results. Our re-roofing service is highly regarded throughout greater Tulsa, Oklahoma and the Green Country. We’re ready to help you protect your home with panache for decades to come!

Getting a New Roof From Peak Performance

When you choose Peak Performance Roofing & Construction, you’re choosing the region’s best all-around experience. We will:

  • Walk you through a full slate of roofing materials ranging from asphalt shingles and metal to slate and tile, all with eye-catching designs and colors
  • Remove your existing roof and install the new one with unmatched attention to detail
  • Follow all best practices to maintain a clean and safe work environment
  • Back our top-rated craftsmanship with generous warranty protection

How You’ll Know You Need a Roof Replacement

As a homeowner, understanding when it’s time to replace your roof is crucial for maintaining the integrity of your property. While regular maintenance can extend the lifespan of your roof, there are certain signs that indicate the need for a roof replacement:

  • Age – If your roof is at, near, or past its manufacturer-recommended lifespan, it’s time to replace it—even if it still looks OK from the ground level.
  • Wear and tear – Over time, Mother Nature will chip away at your roof and cause damage you may not notice without a professional roof inspection.
  • Leaks – Do you hear dripping noises or see water stains forming every time it rains? If so, you may need a new roof.
  • Moisture damage – If you’ve noticed mold and mildew in your attic or under your roof, you’ll need to contact us right away.
  • Energy cost increases – Even the smallest gaps in a roof can compromise your home’s insulation and make your monthly heating and cooling bills more expensive.
  • Damages – When something looks obviously off—like missing shingles, sagging rooflines, or sections punctured during a storm—we’ll move swiftly to protect your home.

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To schedule a roof replacement consultation, reach out to Peak Performance Roofing & Construction today. We proudly serve homeowners and business owners in Tulsa, OK and throughout the Green Country.

Our Customer Reviews

Here’s What Our Customers Have to Say About Our Company:

“Quality, honest, and thorough services through and through. Not only is my roof not leaking anymore, it looks a million times better, and I can sleep peacefully at night now, knowing Peak Performance Roofing did the replacement. If you’re in Tulsa Oklahoma or surrounding areas, do not hesitate to give these guys a call. 10/10”

Zach S

“AWESOME AWESOME customer service!!! I shopped around to get the best price/warranty and these guys nailed it. Little did I know they got insurance to cover it! Who doesn’t possibly want a free roof? The owner and crew were very respectful and cleaned my yard better than it was when they arrived. 10/10 recommend!”


“One of the most professional experiences I’ve ever had with any type of contractor. Jake was the best at walking me through every step of the process, responded quickly to all my questions and the roof looks perfect. The entire job was done in a single day. The project manager and crew were terrific. Great clean up and I will not hesitate to recommend Peak Performance to anyone. A huge thank you to Jake and his team. Great experience!”

Ashley B
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